The Cypress Group, NC Sierra Club
    •    WELCOME to the Cypress Group, NC Sierra Club.
Meetings are held the second Monday of each month from September through May at 7:30 PM at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Greenville, NC. The U-U Church is located at 131 Oakmont Drive, to the right if you are going south on Charles Street. For information on programs and other activities, see our newsletter at left.

Cypress Group Directory

Vince Bellis,* Chair 252.758.1979
Ulrich Alsentzer,* Vice Chair 252.756.5352

John Ackermann, Coastal Issues 252.514.2899

John Anema,* Program Chair    252.413.0062
Ann Bellis, Treasurer 252.758.1979
Jan Higginbotham,* Publicity 252.756.2027
Kayte Faron, SC Student Coalition 252.215.5287
Barney Kane, Conservation 252.355.6789
Ron Kilburn, Croatan National Forest 252.249.3359
Ginny Kloepfer,    Outings 252.321.3814
Bill Kloepfer,    Outings 252.321.3814

Ernie Marshall,* Public Lands 252.758.0077
Joyce Joines Newman, * Web and News Editor 252.749.4336
Sue Palumbo 252.321.1522
Carolyn Smith, Red Wolf 252.756.8774
Janice Smith, Membership 252.756.6820
Charlie Thomas,**    Forest Issues 252.756.9798